Mimicking Birds

...and Planet Earth.

Mimicking Birds @ Mission Theatre 7.3.2010

Ah Holly Fam’ly and Tu Fawning put on a beautiful opening show (their sets split up by The Lord’s Own Choir, who performed a superb folk cover of Psycho Killer). And then a Planet Earth film on birds flickered to life on the big screen (I should have known). I had the privilege of seeing this Glacial Pace artist perform at that label’s showcase at the Crystal Ballroom last fall, the sound was terrible unfortunately. It was such a treat to see him play again in the appropriate setting and watch him drop magic lullabies on a mesmerized crowd.


Portland Cello Project

Like I wasn't a sucker for cello music already..

Portland Cello Project @ Red Room 29.1.2010

If you could cram everything that is awe-inspiring about Portland into roughly one cubic foot of space that space would be the inside of a cello. My first chance to see the Portland Cello Project was lost in the chaos and haze that was MFNW 2009. Ironically, I just saw this local gem for the first time last weekend in Tri-Cities, WA. And missed most of the show. However, after just a short listen I am renewed in my appreciation for the talent of this group and my determination to see them play an entire show one of these days.

Tempo No Tempo

These guys totally kill it.

Tempo No Tempo @ Doug Fir 31.3.2010

Yet again I went to a show not expecting to hear groundbreaking music from the opening band. World’s Greatest Ghosts produce such fun, heartfelt, and high-energy indie rock I really didn’t know what to expect from their support. I was genuinely surprised to hear music that was simultaneously catchy and avant-garde. Tempo No Tempo have the gift of being able to be experimental and improvise on stage without making you feel like a yawning bystander at a jam session. They manage to combine elements of no wave and lo-fi without sounding like pretentious performance art. I’m excited about music again.

Tragos Amargos

Did I mention I love the accordian?

Tragos Amargos @ Backspace 6.1.2010

When I left the house the other night to see CFTPA play a show at Backspace there was no way I could have known I would be blown away by the opening act. Tragos Amargos plays the kind of music you might hear drifting out of a cheap old radio if your life was set in some paradisaical location for a film from the 1940’s. Seriously talented vocals poured softly over energetic and elegant guitar, ukulele, and accordion. Between this incarnation and their better-known project, Y La Bamba, these Portland musicians are now among my favorites in the local scene.